Bema Cosmetici

Bema Cosmetici: .




BEMA COSMETICI Research Laboratories were born. They produced natural cosmetics at rolling account.


 The Beauty and Nature Line was born: "Green Line" produced and marketed with BEMA COSMETICI trade in the natural shops .


 "Muskocel mud" was born, an innovative product for cellulitis made of seaweeds and "Thermal Biaglee".


EXTRATISSIMA was born. It is a line for face and body made of Liquid Crystal Emulsions and "Plantosomas" for the first time.

1994 T

he solar line "SOLAR TEA" was born, a very innovative product line which main ingredient is Tea Sinensis.


 KAIROS FORMULA for hair was born; based on Bamboo marrow


BEMA COSMETICI got the UNI EN ISO 9002 Quality CertificationThe FRUITS MILK LINE was born, based on essential acids, real fruits extracts


From EXTRATISSIMA line the key of a "PERFECT BODY" holds in 4 products was born based on Natural Mineral Sponge and Plantocomplex.EXTRATISSIMA ORO Anti-Wrinkles Line was born based on three natural innovative cosmetologic discoveries: The Liquid Crystal Emulsions,The Plantosomas, The Planto3 2000 BEMA SPORT LINE was born to improve the performances of an exigent sportsman and EXTRATISSIMA BATH LINE "Gli Schiumosi", a gentle and rich foam for a "new way of washing"


 It was born "i Cremosi": a body line of Perfumed Body Creams based on TAMANU Oil with an anti-wrinkles, nourishing, moisturizing and invigorating effect suitable for restoring the natural beauty of the skin.

2002 "Sinfonia Aromatica" Line was born. It includes: Bath Foam, Essence, Body Cream and Deodorant. It is available in 4 different Fragrances based on Essential Oils expressly selected for the AROMATHERAPY with a relaxing, balancing, restoring and aphrodisiac effect.


EXTRATISSIMA ORO Line has been widen with Cleansing Milk, Tonic and Lotion, specific for several skin imperfections (impure, soft and sensitive, dehydrated skins and skins with wrinkles). Bema Cosmetici also obtains ICEA certification (Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute)• BIOECOCREAMS LINE was born.It is composed by 5 products: Arnica, Marigold, Horse-chestnut, Aloe, Propolis; ideal as adjuvant for specific skin problems.


BIOECOBIMBO LINE was born. It is composed by 3 products: "Sweet Caress"Oil , "Sweet Bath" Shampoo and "Barrier Effect Protective Cream",in order to protect and take care gently and effectively children's skin.

A new brand NATURYS was born in order to face exigences of the professional Sector  ( beauty centers & SPA)

NATURYS FACE and NATURYS BODY :  Two complete ranges of high quality cosmetic products for face and body professional beauty treatments in beauty salons and SPA.

BEMA BIO BODY LINE was born. It is composed by 4 certified organic products that are specific to treat several unaesthetisms of the epidermis.  New bioecological certified ranger were born: 

BIOECOMAN Line for man composed by 6 products for a complete treatment especially studied for man's skin.

BEMA BIO FACE ANTIAGE Line for women is complete line for face composed by 8 products for a complete treatment in order to prevent skin ageing.


NATUR&SUN Line was born. Organic sun protection products WITHOUT CHEMICAL-SYNTHETIC FILTERS with Coralline, Porphyra and Lithothamnium Seaweed. 

BIOECOPHARMA Brand is born including co-adjuvant products to treat several skin problems : BIOARTROX Cream, BIOVENAX Fluid Cream, BIOECOPUR Cream, BIOLENIX Cream, BIOALOX Cream ; 

NICE HANDS BIO CREAM was born; to protect and nourish your hands while keeping them young. 

STOP-PID Foam for children's scalp was born: specific hair treatment for school-age and pre-school age children.


BEMA BIO HAIR was born to protect your hair from pollution; composed by dermatologically and clinically tested products to reduce hair loss (shampoos and lotions).


BEMA BIO FEET LINE was born, composed by 6 products for wellbeing of feet. 

BEMA BIO DEO LINE was born composed by 3 anti-odorant products for men, women and youngs... for a natural freshness.

NATURYS brand  is widen adding NATURYS ADVANCE SOLUTIONF LIFTING line for specific intensive lifting beauty treatments for face and breast.


BEMA BABY Line was born composed by 5 products which are the answer to baby's every need.


NATURYS SLIMMING EVOLUTION was born. Professional body range for beauty body treatments in beauty salons and SPA. Anticellulitis, toning and dreaining treatments. Products for home use too.

BIOPASSION SILVER range was born. This is an idea for gift composed by 5 perfumed shower gels and 5 perfumed body lotions (Argan and Orange Flowers, Vanille and Lemon, Lotus Flower, Lime and Green The, Bamboo.

BEMA BIO BODY BREAST PLUS single use kit was born to invigorate the breast and make it filler and fuller. Clinical Test results.


NATURYS VANITY ROUTINE range was born. It is a face line composed by professional product for face beauty treatments in beauty salons and SPA. Products for home use too, for every skin type.

BEMA BIO BODY  BREAST PLUS INTENSIVE KIT was born after the great succes of BREAST PLUS single use kit. For an intense and long-lasting reasult.

NATUR&SUN range has been improved with naturally coloured sun protection creams to avoid the "white effect" caused by organic sun protection products.


 BEMAbioDEO range was born: MULTIACTIVE deodorants both for men and for women

A new product on BEMA BIO FACE Line is included:  TONIC LOTION

BEMAbioBODY  line is widen including CELL -PROGRAM KIT  a revolutionary product kit against cellulite body imperfections ( 2 weeks treatment). This is home-use treatment including three products ( Thermo-active Lotion, Firming Cream and Mud Cream) that acts in sinergy each other are able to drain the liquids in excess and re-activate the microcirculation.

ECO BIO LOVE PET was born for pet's hygiene and care



DOUBLE LIFTING range is born . Specific  face products for mature skins for an immediate and long-lasting anti-aging effects thanks to specific vegetal ingredients contained in the products.

GOLDEN WINTER KIT : dermo-protective kit to nourish and protect the skin during wintertime.

BEMA BABY Line is widen including a new product : SOFT VELVET FLUID CREAM to moisturize the baby's skin after the bath .



BEMA HAIR PRO was born :  professional hair-care product range including a wide range of  products : shampoos for every hair type, hair masks, conditioners and hair lotions, specially formulated using ingredients from Amazon Rainforests.

SWEET TIME and GREEN JUICE. were born: body care products for a daily beauty treatment at home

BEMA BABY is widen including big size bottle for  SWEET SHAMPOO BATH ( 500 ml). in order to face exigences of the market and requests from our customers.


BEMA WHITE Face Line was born including  a complete product range of face products having lightening effects on dark spots.  

 Gift Box C'EST CHIC was born. Two fragrances available ( Blackberry and Wood Tea). the box contains : bath foam , body lotion and The bag.  

BEMA BABY is widend including Kids products : SWEET CLOUDS SHAMPOO  and SWEET MOMENTS BATH FOAM 


BEAUTY KIT for bag was born including everyday products in travel sizes : hand cream , antiaging face cream and nourishing lip balm